Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Has is really been that long since I wrote??? October???...time flies when your having fun!

I did start a blog at Christmas and it just got pushed aside due to all of the other stuff that made its way to the to do list... here is my attempt to back track...

If any of you have not signed up to Pinterest....can I say you are missing out...MISSING OUT BIG TIME!

Pinterest is candy to a creative soul...less the calories...No really- What is Pinterest? It is a way to search the web for ANYTHING based on images....not just keywords.

So for those of you who are like me and feel a picture is worth 1,000 words here is the solution .... no more searching the web for curtains only to find 100,000 of text entries and leads with images buried in a website.

Now...if you are just joining Pinterest...BEWARE...get ready to be inspired to change EVERYTHING:)

One day on Pinterest I set out to look for curtain panels.....now I just purchased some beautiful panels from Anthropologie but decided I wanted a change. It was getting close to Christmas and I was about to put up my tree. I could not bring myself to spend a whole lot as they were only going to be used for the holidays.

Here is the the BEFORE look....not very festive, huh???

I search Pinterest for curtains and found a "do it yourself" project. Instead of purchasing drape panels....the DIYer said look for 60x84 table clothes....WOW...now there is a good idea. So I set out for Target and found some red table clothes. I paid 13.99 per panel, a great savings considering curtain panels range from 60.-150. per panel.

Soooo next was trying to figure out how to hand them....I did not have the type of hook the original DIYer had. And I did not want to sew them because then I could not re-use the table clothes...so I went to the garage and found the handy duct tape. It works like a charm!

In a matter of about 30 seconds I folded the top over enough to fit the existing curtain rod though and slapped the tape on and it was ready to hang.

All I needed now was the tree! What a difference the color makes!

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