Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wow...school started yesterday which means summer is about over....so where is the summer weather? Really, no complaints here just does not seem like summer should be coming to an end....

The blogging thing seems so odd to me because I am not one to write....trying to sit down and write really is hard work for me. I figured today I have avoided writing since July so it is about time that I spend quality time blogging here today.

Now I am a bit overwhelmed with WHAT and WHO to write about. I have really had such a GREAT summer filled with BEAUTIFUL weddings-Fabulous Famlies and some of the cutest kids ever!

I guess I will start with the fabulous Jasper family! These three adorable kids are completely at ease in the country-Me Too!

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Altax said...

Lovely pictures of kids and awesome photography.
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peter said...

Stephanie Baker.. you are a talented photographer.. keep up your good work:)

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