Friday, September 16, 2011

Kick'n it at the Kistler Ranch

I was so honored to work with Kelly and Matt on their wedding day.  I worked with her sister, Taylor,  a few years ago on her wedding and I just adore their family!!!  The best word to describe them is lovely!  Kelly was filled with excitement on their wedding day she was glowing from head to toe!  Kelly and Matt selected the perfect spot to hold their wedding....Matt's backyard-The Kistler Ranch.

Kelly had a vision of country chic.  Immediately after getting engaged she put her Dad to work on all of the details!  Mark Lytle is a fabulous designer and made her vision come to life.  

Guests entered the ceremony through the hay barn where they were greeted with vintage doors, windows and even her mom's wedding dress.  For the ceremony guests were seated on the most appropriate country seats....hay bales.  As Kelly walked down the aisle she gleamed from head to toe when met Matt's eyes.   

The wedding party was full of FUN!!!  The girls were dressed in yellow with fabulous hair done by Chrissy from Streaks Salon.  I just love her creativity!  The boys were dressed in grey and done by themselves:) 

The reception was held in the middle of the rodeo area...the guest greeted Kelly, Matt and the wedding party with WooHoos, HeHa and Yahoos as they entered the area through the cow shoot! 

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MilkDiva said...

Love it. Their wedding sounds so cool. Thanks for sharing.

Black Crowe said...

Good stuff Maynard.

zerry ht said...

This type of photography definitely needs skill and the photographer totally has it. I loved every picture because they all are captured beautifully. I have to say this is one of the most beautiful event venues I have ever come across. Ah! I am going to save this post for taking ideas in future.