Friday, June 25, 2010

Well...trying ot find the time to write seems to be a challenge. I have been blessed with lots of GREAT weddings this year! I hope to be able to post a little something on each of them when I can make the time!

I was honored to be a part of Brianne and Roy's wedding day. I met with Brianne about a year ago. We started talking about her wedding plans in Snelling Ca....yes Snelling! When she told me WHERE in Snelling I was sooooooooo excited!

Brianne and Roy were getting married at the most amazing place-their ranch! I was very familiar with the location. While attending Merced College I worked Paul's Place. I spent seven years getting to know all of the wonderful people that came in to visit and eat. Roy's grandmother was one of my favorite characters! She would come in with her girl friends to chat, eat and have a little coffee. She was full of smiles and spunk! She loved her ranch and enjoyed sharing stories about it with all of Paul's waitresses!

She would have been full of smiles at their wedding!

Brianne and Roy had a beautiful setting, cliffs, horses, green grass, clouds and lovely wild flowers! I love the way the horses were totally interested in the wedding. The reception was filled with delicious food from Gourmet Everyday....if you have not tried Melissa's food your missing out! The hay barn was echoed of loud country music brought in by a live band. Soo much fun! Pin It Now!

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my congratulations
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