Tuesday, June 29, 2010

With a classic motorcycle clasped to the back of Barbra and Anthony's truck, the three of us headed to their engagement session at Lavender Hollow. It was hot out in the lavender fields during the session, but little attention was paid to the heat because Barbra and Anthony's personalities were indeed vibrant and cool!
While I was shooting the couple, I learned some very fun and quirky facts about the pleasurable pair and about other things as well. For example:

-Stomping on an anthill doesn't exactly encourage ants to leave.
-There are many poses to cover up band-aids from uncomfortable shoes.
-Anthony and Barbra both have a passion for motorcycles, quads, and dirt bikes
-Attaching the motorcycle to the truck takes more effort than expected!

Here are a few images from the session at Lavender Hollow.

The engagement session was delightful. I look forward to their upcoming wedding! Pin It Now!


Sara said...
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Sara said...

OMG! Anthony Machado?! I went to elementary with Anthony Machado! We could usually be found hanging out on top of the monkey bars or climbing tree and old barns! Haven't seen him in ages! Beautiful pictures :)