Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jill + Mike Vierra

It was about a year ago when Jill and Mike called on the way back from Monterey....Mike had just popped the question. On their way home they decided to swing by the studio and book their wedding with me. I feel truly blessed to have been selected to be apart of their wedding.

Jill has a such a strong connection with her family! If you have met her Dad you have to know that it takes a very special man for him to let go of his true treasure! Mike you are one lucky guy!

Leading up to the wedding I enjoyed visiting her grandparents farm touring the old buildings and just getting to know Jill and her Mom! Jill and her mom shared stories of the joy Jill brought to her grandparents while putting on plays in the front yard using a stump as a stage.

The wedding day was sooo emotional for Jill's dad. Numerous times he would state "This is really hard on me" He worked so hard to get their yard ready for the big day! He even brought her grandpa's tractor to the front yard and landscaped around it. His speech at the reception was very emotional but equally funny! He gets the best speech award! The reception was held at the Merced Fair Grounds and turned out just beautiful....what a party it was! Such a fun one to be apart of!

I cannot wait to see Jill and Mike grow together and it will be such a delight to continue our friendship!

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