Thursday, March 01, 2012


Yes BOOM! A BABY BOOM is in happening! Here are just a few of the precious babies that have made their way to my studio recently.

Congratulations to Rocio & Victor-Baby Anabella is just beautiful! I love how she sleeps with mouth wide open...what a doll.

Another little Ella! Such a sweetie! Love the idea of making a tutu from mom's wedding veil. SOOOOO precious!

Baby number two....for Mike, Crista and Jackson-cutie pie Kennedy joins this beautiful family...not to forget little Libby (thier dog). Kennedy was the perfect model!

Naomi, Drew welcome baby number two! Hannah is now a big sister! Here is baby Aubrey! Congratulations!

And last but not least....FINIALLY a BOY! Baby Luke Gumm! Congratulations to Amy and Eric! Luke is surrounded by girls...I am sure he will not mind when he gets older!

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