Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Industrial -Rustic- Room - Redo

Totally being inspired by Pinterest I set out to update Calvin's room to be more age appropriate-He is 12 going on 20.  Out with all the stuffed animals....(200 Penguins to be exact-watching them exit was like watching March of the Penguins) out with the airplanes and sailboats...and in with the new. 

Thanks to Mimi she scored the HUGE coke sign and gifted it to Calvin for Christmas. It was the inspiration piece for the room. My handyman husband was tasked with making a new headboard for Calvin....I just love what he did!  His job is never done next up was the valence. 
 Calvin picked his wall color paint colors...I think he did great! 
Visiting my FAVORITE store....Vintage Market I found this cool locker in The Aviary section of the store...it was PERFECT for the room.
Calvin really wanted a desk for his room so we came up with the saw horse idea...handyman husband did it again!  Thanks Craig. 

 Craig, Calvin and I hit an AWESOME estate sale where we scored the red dresser and LOTS of accessories for his room....Calvin thinks he is a picker. ( He does have a good eye!)
 Even Baxti likes it!

Sorry...no before shot taken....it was toooooo embarassing!  Next up....Master Bedroom.
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Black Crowe said...

Love what Team Cookie Baker did with the room! Great color choices Mr. Cal and wonderful designs and accent pieces by the rest of the Crew. Lookin' forward to seein' the photographs of the completed master bedroom. Please refrain from posting the before shots of Craig's brown stained underwear hangin' from the ceiling fan!!!